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Scope of Business

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ICBC (Thai) Bank PLC, provides financial services for retail and corporate customers for hire purchase services of personal and commercial cars. The company also provides hire purchase and leasing services for other assets, such as aircrafts, machinery, and equipment for commercial purposes.

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd., provides the following services:

       1. For retail customers, the company provides Hire purchase services forpersonal and commercial cars including sedans, picked-up, trucks, vans, trailer truck, air-conditioned bus. In addition, in order to promote alternative energy and give importance to the environment. Therefore, the company has loan products for clean energy. Our services are as follows;

  • New Car Financing
  • Used Car Financing
  • Auto Refinance
  • Solar Rooftop Hire Purchase

      2. For corporate customers, the company provides both leasing and hire purchase services,  covering the leasing and hire purchasing  of aircraft, commercial vehicle, excavator, wheel loaders crane, forklift as well as machinery and equipment such as industrial machinery, construction machinery and medical equipment.