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ICBC Football Cup 2019

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. hosted ICBC Football Cup 2019, a football competition between the company and ICBC (Thai) Bank Public Company Limited.

ICBC (Thai) Badminton Cups 2019

ICBC (Thai) Bank Public Company Limited. and ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. planned to organize a sports competition together in 2019. The competition consists of 3 types of sports:

ICBC Friendship League 2019 Season 7

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. Organized futsal matches (for 7 players) under the name ICBC Friendship League 2019 Season 7 for 7 consecutive years.

Year 8 of Songkran Day activity under the concept Aloha Hawaii

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. continued Songkran day activity in 2019 to keep up with the Thai tradition.

Chinese New Year 2019

On the occasion of Chinese New Year, Mr. Yong Chen, President, led the team of executives and employees to perform a ritual to pray to gods to bestow blessings upon the company and customers.

ICBCTL Wanna Be Party Freestyle

The company organized a new year staff party for 2019 under the name “ICBCTL Wanna Be Party Freestyle”.