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Offering of the Long-Term Debentures of ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. No1/2018

On 25 May 2018, ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd., issued Long-Term Debentures worth 4,200 million baht to institutional investors. The debentures were issued in three tranches.

Opening ceremony of Hat Yai Hub

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. organized an opening ceremony of Hat Yai hub on Saturday 23 February 2019. The ceremony was presided over by four important guests:

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. Joined 35th Thailand International Motor Expo 2018

ICBC (Thai) Leasing Co., Ltd. participated in 35th  Thailand International Motor Expo 2018 and was stationed at booth V07-08 from 29 November – 10 Dec 2018 at Impact Arena, Challenger 1-2.